10 Things You Should Know About Wage and Hour Cases

If you are a non-exempt worker in California, you maybe entitled to owed and earned unpaid wages. You may know that our state’s minimum wage far exceeds federal minimum wage standards. However, that doesn’t mean that every employer properly credits hours worked, pays the right overtime wages, and provides legally mandated meal and rest breaks. You may be satisfied with your hourly pay rate, but are you actually getting everything you are owed? Download our free wage theft guide to learn about the kinds of violations that could lead to a wage and hour lawsuit against your employer.

What Our Guide Covers

Wage and hour laws in California set the minimum requirements for pay and for workers’ rights. California employees are entitled to a certain minimum wage, overtime pay, meal and rest periods, and to be paid for all compensable hours worked. To understand what those minimum requirements are and how employers typically violate them, read our guide to get answers to these questions:

  1. What are California wage and hour laws?
  2. What is the typical process involved in a wage and hour case?
  3. How do you know if you are entitled to overtime pay and the benefits of wage and hour laws?
  4. What is an exempt vs. non-exempt employee?
  5. How do you get money from an employment wage and hour case?
  6. Are you still entitled to the benefits of California’s wage and hour laws if you are an independent contractor?
  7. What are the steps you should take if you feel you have been a victim of wage theft?
  8. How do I find the right lawyer to take my wage and hour case?
  9. How do you pay your employment lawyer? 
  10. What is the time frame or the statute of limitations to bring an employment wage and hour case?

Get Help From a Wage and Hour Attorney

We advise our clients who suspect wage theft to keep detailed records of their hours, including overtime and meal and rest breaks. Employers often fail to keep accurate pay records, so it is up to you to keep detailed, weekly records of your hours worked. This will be very important when we investigate your wage theft claim. Fill out the form on this page to get a link to download our free guide.

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