A Workers' Compensation Lawyer's Guide to Identifying Third Party Personal Injury & Employment Law Cases

As a workers' compensation lawyer, you know how to get your clients the benefits they deserve following an on-the-job injury. But do you know when your client might also have grounds to file a personal injury or employment lawsuit to get additional damages? In this guide, personal injury and employment law attorney Joshua Cohen Slatkin explains when third-party claims could arise from a workers' compensation case.

Third-Party Personal Injury Claims

Because workers' compensation is no-fault insurance, benefits may be paid regardless of fault. However, if a third party contributed in some way to the injury, that person may be sued in a personal injury action. Our free guide provides some examples of when this might be the situation in your case and explains how we can help.

Wrongful Termination and Workplace Discrimination Claims

Multiple employment law issues can arise from a workers' comp claim. If your client was fired after filing a claim, he might have cause for a wrongful termination lawsuit. When people are demoted or harassed, or their pay is reduced after returning to work with a disability, that is discrimination, and the employer can be held accountable. Employment law cases are complicated and require a thorough investigation of the employer's actions. This free guide provides a checklist for identifying employment law cases.

Wage & Hour Claims

Sometimes, a workplace accident can reveal an employer who takes advantage of their staff by violating California wage and hour laws. If your client tells you things that lead you to believe the employer might be subject to a wage and hour class-action lawsuit, take a look at the questions we provide in this guide to determine if there might be a case.

Accepting Attorney Referrals

At JCS Law Firm, we provide the same VIP service to clients referred to us by workers' comp attorneys as we give to our own clients. We pay generous referral fees in accordance with state bar ethical rules. If you are a workers' compensation attorney in California, you owe it to your clients to get this guide to identifying potential third party personal injury and employment law cases. Fill out the form below to download your guide now.

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